Grace's Plaza Wine & Spirits

Our "Drink Green" Mission

At Grace's Plaza Wine & Spirits, we try to be environmentally conscious in every aspect of our operation. We recycle glass, plastic and cardboard boxes (like the ones the wine and spirits are shipped in). We even installed lower wattage bulbs in the chandeliers! But we also have a strong conviction about the products we’re bringing in and how they are affecting the environment. The beverages that we label in the store with our "Drink Green" tag support this consciousness.

What qualifies a product as being "Drink Green" at GPWS?

  • Wineries that practice sustainable agriculture

  • Wineries that use using biodynamic practices in their operation

  • Wineries that use organic practices growing their grapes

  • Wineries that are not adding sulfites to their wines

  • Wineries that are conscious and working to keep conservative carbon footprints with their shipping operations

Grace’s Plaza Wine & Spirits’ intention in the near future for this section of our website is to feature products we stock that we have labeled as “Drink Green.” Please check back soon and sign up to receive our emails so you can be informed and “Drink Green!”