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All American

This July we're celebrating all things American here at the shop: apple pie, fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, baseball and .... american wine & spirits! In honor of celebrating all things brewed and bottled in the good old U S of A, staff have chosen all things domestic. And in this economy, we're all about supporting the homegrown american drink!


Region: Paso Robles, California
Price: $14.99

Why I Like It: This Wine has a combination of lemon and citrus aromas with flavors of pineapple, pear and a kiss of oak.
Pairs well with: This pairs best with grilled veggies and a Cornish game hen.

Cedarville Zin

Wine: Cedarville
Varietal: Zinfandel
Vintage: 2007
Region:Fair Play, California
Price: $19.99

Why I like it: This is the "American Dream" in a bottle. A small winery run by a lovely married couple living out their passion, making amazing high quality wine together. The Zinfandel is the signature grape of the area, and of their line. Their estate is also farmed sustainably which contributes to the great quality of their product. Oh, and the wine is EXCELLENT!
Pairs well with: Share with good friends, a filet, red rosemary roasted potatoes and rasperry cheesecake brownies for dessert.

Dom. St. MichelleBdB

Wine: Domaine St. Michelle Sparkling Wine
Varietal:Blanc de Blanc (from Chardonnay)
Vintage: N/A
Region: Columbia Valley, Washington
Price: $11.99

Why I like it: This crisp, dry to medium dry sparkler has pear and pineapple aromas & lively flavors of green apple with a toasty, cocount finish you get lost in the bubbles.
Pairs well with: Red, White, Blue: Chilled with any natural fruit juice, such as pomegranate and a few added fresh blueberries makes a quaint refreshment for Fourth of July festivities.

Rose d'Anjou

Wine: Boulevard Two Jokers
Style: Belgian Double-Wit
Vintage:N/A - Seasonal
Region:Kansas City, MO
Price: $9.99

Why I like it: This is a great summer beer with a strong citrus taste, slight sweetness and a little hop flavor. I don’t care for strong, hoppy beers. This beer has a slight tartness, but also a banana sweetness to it. This combination has a nice balanced taste which I enjoy.
Pairs well with: A burger off the grill would go well with this beer, but I would suggest just about any grilled meats.

Riva Ranch

Wine:Wente "Riva Ranch"
Vintage: 2007
Region:Monterey, California
Price: $19.99

Why Ilike it:It doesn’t get anymore American than this. The oldest family owned winery in the US started in the 1880’s, currently run by the fifth generation. Lush fruits, pears, apples, lemon, tangerine wrapped in a creamy, velvety texture. Not a buttery-style chard.
Pairs well with: Shellfish, especially scallops and lobster. Chicken, preferably baked or roasted. Or just by itself.

Dale's Pale Ale

Beer:Dale's Pale Ale
Style:Malts, Hops and Hops!
Vintage: N/A
Region: Lyons, CO
Price: $14.99

Why I like it: This copper color beer gives the hop-head a beer to enjoy poolside here in Nashville (and no worries about the glass). Almost a border-line India Pale Ale, Dale’s starts with a rich, sweet malty flavor and has a sharp, citrus, hoppy finish....
Pairs well with: A Farmer’s tan, a Mesh Trucker Hat flipped backwards and The Allman Brothers turned up to 11.