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Malbec Madness
April's theme for staff selections is the ABC’s of White Wine. Staff chose their favorite whites to get springtime off to the right start, as long as it was Anything But Chardonnay.

Wine: Starborough
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2007
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Price: $11.99

Why I Like It: It has a hint of varied flavors or citrus, passion fruit and peach. It surprises the palate.
Pairs well with: Drink this with steamed clams and a butter basil sauce, while on a beach vacation (if you can drive there!)


Wine: The Innocent
Varietal: Viognier
Vintage: 2007
Region: Mildura – Victoria, Australia
Price: $19.99

Why I like it: This is one of the few white wines that I actually enjoy. It is also something to try other than the great NZ Sav Blanc. It has floral elements along with peaches & pears – it is unoaked, with just a hint of sweetness.
Pairs well with: Candied walnuts & some blue cheese,for a picnic in the park, with a new blossoming love, on a warm spring day.


Winery: Santa Julia Organica
Varietal: Torrontés
Vintage: 2008
Region: Mendoza, Argentina
Price: $9.99

Why I like it: This classic white from Argentina has aromas of standing in a field of wild flowers with subtle notes of lemon/lime zest. On the palate refreshing flavors of peaches, citrus fruits, and spices follow to a clean, crisp, dry finish…
Pairs well with: A hot night of salsa dancing that finishes with cool down dinner of tapas and a little Getz & Gilberto coming through the sound system. Can you say "Girl from Impanema"?!


Wine: Coteaux du Languedoc
Varietal: Picpoul de Pinet
Vintage: 2007
Region: Languedoc, France
Price: $9.99

Why I like it: This is a great wine for a tight budget, and is a clean, crisp easy-drinking vino. It has more body than a Pinot Grigio, but is still light in flavor & body.
Pairs well with: Fresh seafood – specifically a shellfish or shrimp dish while staying at home to watch an old French Film!

Luigi Bosca

Wine: Bonterra
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2007
Lake & Mendocino County, California
Price: $15.99

Why I like it: It’s crisp and refreshing with lemon, lime and melon flavors! It’s also 100% Organic from California’s ORIGINAL organic winery. No oak, No butter!
Pairs well with: A chicken salad, fish of any stripe and could be great with an alfredo pasta – all organic, of course.

Obra Prima

Winery: Four Graces
Varietal: Pinot Gris
Vintage: 2006
Region: Dundee Hills, Oregon
Price: $15.99

Why I like it: There’s a great balance between minerality and exquisite fruit flavors. Soft floral aromas tickle your nose while rich flavors of fresh nectarine, pear, & white peach dance on your tongue. This wine finishes with a refreshing acidity that keeps your mouth wanting more…
Pairs well with: Nice quiet evenings with your favorite person, while you’re kicking back listening to the soft, sultry sounds of Norah Jones. It could make for a memorable evening, even while at home…