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Tennessean – Thursday, January 15, 2009
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By Shopping Diva Cathi Aycock

Here’s Where To Shop If Your Favorite Store Is Gone

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YN in Hill Center for a fun, affordable selection of wines. With all of the wines stocked according to taste – fruity, spicy, and so on – it was easy to pick a bottle even if you weren’t vino savvy.

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Grace’s Plaza Wine and Spirits, 4005 Hillsboro Road, is a mammoth store, more than 16,000 square feet. But the setup, with boutique-like areas such as The Old World Wine Hall or The Wine Cellar, makes selecting a brand easy.

Green Hills News – January 8, 2009
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Grace's Plaza Wine & Spirits Promises
"Over The Top" Customer Service

By James Nix, Staff Writer

Green Hills’ newest wine and spirits shop aims to find the taste the community wants.

Graces Plaza Wine & Spirits opened just three weeks ago in the former Grace’s Shop for Ladies space with a focus on “over-the-top” customer service. From an experienced staff, said General Manager Daryl Gibbs. Sure Grace’s will stock the perennial favorites, but Gibbs knows people will be looking for suggestions. That’s where the staff’s experience – from restaurant workers to wholesales – will help match customer’s wants and needs with a particular taste of wine, he said.

“It’s not just a bottle with a label on it,” Gibbs said. “It’s got a personality, it’s something that we can hopefully convey to the consumers that this wine will enhance their experience, whether it be a social experience with their friends or a good meal experience.”

Gibbs said Grace’s will seek the best prices for the best selection it can find, but the biggest priority is a service-oriented, customer-friendly shopping experience. “We’re going to cater to the community. It’s all about the customer that walks through the door whether they are buying a $9 bottle of wine or a $600 bottle of wine.”

In the middle of the shop locally custom-made wooden wine racks hold the whites, the reds and the Australian, the Argentinean and the Chilean wines. In a room off to the side sits The Wine Niche with the more common jugs and boxes. But in the back, the Old World Wine Hall holds the French, Italian and Spanish wines. The Wine Cellar, where the big money is dropped, will hold the harder to get wines.

Beyond the wine selection, Grace’s offers small-batch productions of whiskeys and bourbons to compliment its spirits and more expensive specialty brews. From the spirits section at the front of the store, between the tequila and blue agave sections, a door leads to the Royal Mile Scotch and Ale Den.

Named for the road leading to Edinburgh Castle, this Royal Mile is lined with a high-end selection of scotch – which means not only Johnny Walker Red and Black, but Blue as well – along with high-gravity beers and ales, basically those that fall over the 6 percent level of alcohol.

The harder hitting beers span the country from Colorado, California, etc. as well as the globe from Japan, Russia, Belgium, Italy and France. Housed in the former Grace’s Shop for Ladies, Grace’s Wine & Spirits has a little more than 6,000 square feet of shop space to stretch its selection out, and currently, many of the racks and shelves bear room to grow, for a reason. “We have to have room to grow because we’re taking ideas from the customers,” Gibbs said.

Currently, Grace’s Plaza Wine and Spirits has an informal want list with four pages of customers’ wishes on which Gibbs is working with the wholesalers to bring into the store. And that’s the aim – to be a good community wine & spirit shop that gets people what they want, Gibbs said.

Grace’s Plaza Wine & Spirits is at 4005 Hillsboro Pike; and open 9a.m. to 9p.m. Monday thru Thursday , and 9 10p.m. Friday and Saturday.

The Web site (under construction) is Phone:383-7660